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Car Body Shop in Epsom I Looking After Your Car’s Body Work

At PP Coachworks Ltd, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as a leading accident repair centre in Epsom. One of the reasons why our customers choose our car body shop in Ewell, rather than go to a main dealer or competitor, is because of the care and attention we show to every vehicle. We guarantee bodywork repairs of a high standard and offer a friendly and professional service.


Whether we’ve undertaken car body repairs or commercial vehicle accident repairs for a customer, or a client has contacted us for guidance, we are happy to provide helpful advice about caring for your car’s body work. Whatever the make or model, looking after your vehicle’s bodywork is vital, not only does it keep your vehicle looking aesthetically pleasing, it can prevent long term damage and retain better resale value if you choose to sell.


Unfortunately, our vehicles are exposed to numerous elements, such as road debris, dirt and bird droppings that can damage body work, but there are numerous steps you can take to help keep your car in good condition. Here are a few of them:


Wash your car regularly

One of the main tips we tell our customers at our Epsom car body shop, is to take the time to wash their vehicle regularly. Washing your car at least once a month is one of the easiest ways to keep on top of vehicle body care, as it helps to prevent dirt, salt and other debris from causing staining, rusting or corrosion. It also gives you more opportunity to assess the condition of your car and notice any scratches or dents.


If you’ve recently been to an accident repair centre for car body repairs, motorcycle bodywork repairs or commercial vehicle accident repairs, we recommend washing your car by hand for at least three months. New paint will still be setting so extra care should be taken by using only mild car wash solutions, soft cloths and cool, clean water.


Wax and polish your vehicle

Waxing and polishing your car not only gives it a superior finish but adds a layer of protection against contaminants and corrosion. At our car body shop in Epsom, our specialists recommend waxing your vehicle a minimum of twice a year. If your car is exposed to regular harsh conditions such as rain, dirt, salt and snow, then waxing should be done more often, ideally every three to four months.


After having bodywork repairs carried out at an accident repair centre, from minor car body repairs to major accident repairs, waxing and polishing should be avoided for at least three months. Newly added paint needs time to ‘cure’, otherwise you risk damaging the finishing or discolouring the paint.


Check your car for minor damages

We recommend checking your car regularly for any damage. Small chips, dents, scratches, cracks and rust often go unnoticed, but can result in the need for major bodywork repairs if left untreated. If you do notice anything, it’s important to get it repaired quickly. Minor surface scratches and scuffs can sometimes be removed by waxing and polishing, but if the scratches are quite deep you should visit a car body shop for professional car body repairs.


At our accident repair centre in Epsom, we offer cost-effective solutions to fix any minor or major bodywork damage and deliver high-quality accident repairs.

For more advice about caring for your car or to book bodywork repairs at our Epsom car body shop, call PP Coachworks Ltd today on 0208 393 4294.

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0208 393 4294

Mon - Fri (8am - 6pm)

Sat (8.30am - 2pm)

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